Wednesday, May 26, 2010

first pitch

J lived every boy's dream last night, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a professional baseball game. It was "Homeschoolers Night" at the New Britain Rockcats' game (they are a AA farm team for the Minnesota Twins), and J won the opportunity when his name was drawn from a pool of all the homeschooled kids who wanted to do it. There were somewhere in the neighborhood of 450 homeschoolers there to cheer him on.

It was a wonderful experience, and he got to keep the ball he threw out. Unfortunately the team went on to lose the first game of their double-header, but they had an exciting rally during the last inning, just not enough to pull out the win. We left after the first game -- it was beastly hot sitting in the sun in those stands!


Chuck said...

I can't wait till Alex gets back from Arizona to show him this - We went to a Rock Cats game last year and he absolutely loved it despite it getting cut short due to a bad thunder and lightning storm. A dancer and a pro baseball player - I see big things in his future! :)

dongdong said...

wow! He is one lucky boy. Totally awesome.

Christine said...

More high-fives from Tessie & me!!