Friday, May 21, 2010

end of keva class

A little more catching up. Two Mondays ago was our final Keva class of the session (and the year!). Here's J's last class project:

And here's the class all standing on top of a Keva structure they made together to hold all of their weight!:

Then we had our "share day" activities this past Monday, which included an opportunity for us to share the joys of Keva building with others in our Monday Homeschool community. Here's Zoo Boy's final project of the semester:

And J's final project, the US Capitol:

Of course, the building still continues at home:

This one deserves special note -- J copied a maze from a Let's Find Pokemon book, then Zoo Boy added lots and lots of Pokemon throughout the maze:


dongdong said...

oh those KEVA blocks look so cool. Your boys did amazing job! Do you own a set?

Harvest Moon said...

Yes, we bought a set of 400, to share with the class (added to the 1200 the instructor already had, plus another set of 400 that the co-op purchased -- it was just barely enough for the 12 kids in the class!

We couldn't be without them now, my kids build with them every single day.

Chuck said...

Do you think they would be willing to help me design an awesome tree stand / tree fort? Those are amazing I think I might need to pick some of those up for Alex.(and for me too!) Did you buy them locally or off the google machine?