Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Malidoma Some, part 2

I'm running a bit behind with my posting, but will just catch up when I can. We have a lot of our school year extra-curricular type activities wrapping up this week, so it's a little overwhelming to try to sort through all of the photos and get them posted!

In any case, I'll start with the end of last week, and our 2nd part of the Malidoma Some story. In this chapter, Malidoma's grandfather passes away, but not before conferring the wisdom of the ancestors upon little Malidoma. J chose to draw Malidoma's attempts to listen to animals like Grandfather.

Zoo Boy drew a scene where Malidoma accidentally left the gate to the family compound open and allowed the livestock in to ransack the place. In his drawing, Malidoma is herding the chickens back out of the compound. (You can see a basket of millet that they upset in the lower left corner.) This is definitely a case of him drawing from his own experience to match the story -- he regularly herds our ducks out to their daytime pasture! A pretty cool moment for me to see him make that connection!

Our summary of this part of our story, written out here by J.

Zoo Boy's simplified summary. Note how many lower case letters he used! He capitalized all of the first letters of each word, but still, this is SUCH an improvement! And it was entirely his own idea. Patience certainly does pay off eventually when it comes to these things!

My drawing of Grandfather just before passing away and becoming a spirit, discussing the meaning of Malidoma's name with him inside Grandfather's quarters.

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