Friday, May 14, 2010

turkeys and ducklings and eggs, oh my!

18 two-day-old turkey poults moved in yesterday (I will probably sell half of them, because who really needs 18 turkeys?):

Meanwhile, here's what those ducklings we hatched out two weeks ago look like at two weeks of age:
So I guess it's time to do it all over again! Here's the 58 duck eggs we set in the incubator on Wednesday. We're hoping for a big hatch, as we have plenty of people wanting to buy ducks, and we're planning to keep those other 12 for ourselves:

We're willing to sell fertilized duck eggs (but can't ship them), so if anyone local is looking for a hatching project, drop me a note -- we're willing to take back anything you hatch that you don't want to keep as well (which tends to be the hard part of hatching eggs -- what to do with the babies afterwards!).

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