Friday, May 28, 2010

Malidoma Some, part 4

The sticky heat made for a s-l-o-w school week for us, with the temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday making the thought of anything even resembling schoolwork impossible. (A lot of public school kids were out of school those days, too, due to the heat.) Perfect timing, as we were wrapping up our Malidoma Some story, and with just one chapter left, it worked well with a 3-day school week!

Our final chapter found Malidoma undergoing the "baor" (learning) of his people, the first task being to 'see' a tree. It was a struggle for Malidoma, but eventually he saw "his" tree as a beautiful green woman, and he was able to progress with his education. J drew this momentous occasion (as did I, below).

Zoo Boy chose to draw the plane that Malidoma saw in the sky one day soon after finishing his learning tasks. He knew that he would be leaving his village on one of those planes to take his learning to the west soon and live up to his name, which means "Befriends the Stranger".

J's chapter summary. The summary we wrote together was actually longer than this, but he's been struggling a bit with writing out the longer summaries, so I shortened it for him so that he could feel more successful with it. It seemed to work, he didn't tire and didn't need a break in the middle, as he has for the past few chapters.

Zoo Boy's abbreviated, as always, summary. Look, he's finally using capitalization correctly! And without me ever saying a word about it. I tell you, the learning process is JUST amazing!

My drawing. J says my tree lady isn't beautiful enough. Ah, well, it's tough to please the critics! I told him that I happen to be very happy with how she came out, and that's all that's important. Zoo Boy, ever to my aid, said that he thinks she's just lovely.

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