Friday, May 21, 2010

Malidoma Some, part 3

This week we combined chapters 3 and 4 of the Enki Malidoma Some sage story, during which little Malidoma is kidnapped and taken from his village to grow up amongst strangers. (This was a Jesuit community, but the story didn't detail that.) Once he is grown, he rebels and escapes and finds his way home. J chose to draw Malidoma in a dark room, when he first was taken to the new place.

Zoo Boy draw Malidoma being taken by the strange man. I left the details of the kidnapping intact, but modified the more intense details of the abuse he suffered at the hands of the Jesuits. Basically I removed the physical abuse, but left the psychological stuff, as I felt that it still made it clear that this was a great struggle for Malidoma as he grew up, without scaring them with the physical violence (which for my kids would have been an issue).

J's written summary of these chapters (I just called it all chapter 3). I combined the two chapters because the actual chapter 3 leaves us hanging too much, and I felt would be disturbing for my guys. I left them instead with his arrival back home (which is really the end of chapter 4).

A detail from J's summary -- he drew Malidoma being taken by the man inside the first letter of that part of the summary. His being taken clearly was of important to the boys. Neither of them has expressed upset about it, but it clearly came during our recall and in their artwork.

Zoo Boy's shortened summary.

My drawing, a rather violent image of Malidoma pushing one of his captors out the window, which instigated his escape. I had originally drawn it less detailed with violence, but the boys insisted that I add broken glass and an alarmed facial expression on the captor. Since I was adding emotion to the man, I also added a frown to Malidoma's face. The boys were very pleased with my drawing.

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