Sunday, October 31, 2010

10 yr old bonfire party

Here's my brand-new 10 year old, happy as a lark fireside at his birthday party on Saturday night. We had about 40 friends over to help us celebrate, and it seemed like everyone had as much fun as J did. A special nod to Mimi for taking the photos (and Uncle Bob, who took at least the cake photo).

The rather enormous cake. A lot of cake went home with a lot of people, and I hope the folks in The Map Man's office likes cake, because they are getting a rather large chunk of this tomorrow....

"Happy Birthday to you,..."

Toasting marshmallows for S'mores. Mmmmm....

It was quite the chilly night, but the fire kept everyone warm and toasty like..., well, like a marshmallow!

Openings gifts. He took in quite a haul, including books, games, gift certificates, an inventor's kit, and a DVD of the Nutcracker.

Thank to everyone who came out to make J's big day extra special!


Alyss said...

Happy Birthday, J!! What a fun time of year to have a birthday, and it looks like you guys really did it up big this year. :)

Nicole Milman said...

What an amazing party - happy birthday!