Sunday, October 24, 2010

flashlight maze

Zoo Boy saw a sign for a haunted woods walk and thought it sounded fun. I was more hesitant -- my guys are spooked pretty easily, and my gut said that the walk was going to be too intense. So I suggested visiting a flashlight corn maze instead, which they both thought was a GREAT idea!

We got to the farm in the late afternoon, still enough time to have a hayride out past the pumpkin fields and traverse the smaller of their two corn mazes in the daylight. (If you see me regularly, be sure to ask me about the little lost boy that we helped -- an UNBELIEVABLE experience -- I really wonder about some parents....)

We took a photo of the larger maze entrance before it got too dark to see it. Then the boys played on the play equipment and visited with the farm animals, biding their time until it got dark enough to make doing the maze just a little bit scary.

Finally, the sun went down...

...and the full (well, just past) moon came up, and into the maze we went!

J was a little freaked out at first, and I was patting myself on the back that I had chosen such a mild introduction to nighttime Halloween high-jinx. Finally I convinced him that there was nothing actually dangerous out there, otherwise the owners wouldn't let us come into their corn field. Then he settled down and had a great time, and even joined in with the rest of us in trying to sneak away then sneak up and startle each other.

We found all our checkpoints and punched all of our cards. J's usual keen sense of direction and map following was a little messed up due to his low-level anxiety about being lost in a maze at night, but The Map Man kept us on the right track (wouldn't be much of a nick-name for him if he hadn't!), and we found our way home again, no problem.

Fun night! J declared it awesome! Zoo Boy said it was fun, but maybe something a little scarier for next year. I dunno, I thought this was just about right for our family.

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