Sunday, October 17, 2010

in the swim

We went to our first homeschool swim session at a nearby town's pool, and wow, did we have a great time! The boys have never been in an indoor pool, so this was a very exciting experience for them. And the fact that it's only $2 per kid to swim for an hour, I was pretty excited too!

J's VERY happy to have a place to swim all winter long! Afterwards he said "I can't believe how warm that water was, since it's Autumn." I had to explain about heated pools! He thinks it's a great invention.

Zoo Boy, also quite happy to be able to swim at will with his float vest on.

The boys' friend, I, went with us and showed the boys all about jumping off the diving board. My guys thought it was hilarious, but neither of them swim well enough yet to try that on their own.

The three boys enjoying being able to hang out and be wet at the same time.

We can't wait for our next swim day! The program is held once a week, and we hope to get to every single one!


MM said...

Was it just the three kids? I would have thought there'd be more swimmers!

Harvest Moon said...

LOL, I had to go look a the photos again -- all of the kids in the background are other kids, and not even the same other kids as in the rest of the photos! There were 18 swimmers there -- they need 10 in order to keep running the program, but that total was well exceeded.