Thursday, October 7, 2010

kids in the kitchen -- monte cristo sammies

The boys chose Monte Cristo and Elvis French Toast Sammies as their dinner last night. First they constructed the Monte Cristo sandwiches, layering Swiss cheese, deli turkey slices and deli ham slices onto thin white bread.

Then they constructed the Elvis sandwiches, which technically are supposed to be peanut butter and bananas, but since I have a severe allergy to bananas, we substituted strawberry preserves.

Then they whisked up some eggs and milk and dipped the sandwiches in.

Then we fried up the "sammies" in some butter. Don't they look tasty? (They were! Even the peanut butter ones, which I had my doubts about.) The boys served up half of each sandwich with a side of baby carrots. I made an apple crisp for dessert (because I had a bunch of apples we picked from a neighbor's tree).

And miracle of miracles happened -- J actually loved the Monte Cristo sandwiches and devoured his entire serving, commenting that he'd like more in the future. WHOOT!!! Only 4 weeks into this cooking project, and he's already added an entree item to his self-limited diet. I nearly fell off my chair dead.

Needless to say, our "Kids in the Kitchen" project will continue!!


Alyss said...

Yaah! That's wonderful!! Good work, Mom ;)

Bea said...

I am looking forward to the kids ideas of cooking, I absolutely love it,I might do the same with Dessi ,what a great idea