Saturday, October 9, 2010

Harriet Tubman, chapter 7

Above is J's story drawing of the 7th and final chapter in our Harriet Tubman story. His drawing is of Harriet driving her parents to freedom with the old horse and carriage she stole from her previous master. I love the "the end" notation behind the carriage!

Below is Zoo Boy's drawing, of Harriet hiding and singing in the woods outside of where her brothers were working. Those are the brothers in the foreground, looking out the window to try to see where the singing is coming from.

Above is J's chapter summary (we purposely made it short to make up for all the extra handwriting the day before), and below is Zoo Boy's. At the bottom is my drawing, of Harriet singing to announce her arrival as a slave family readies to leave with her assistance. My kids were just thrilled to see the "drinking gourd" in the sky of my drawing.


Alyss said...

I really love your drawings :) I got out my block crayons and paper the other night and have been doing some drawings myself. I would LOVE to see some "in process" photos of your drawings. Maybe a series of partway done, half way done, mostly done and the finished product... block crayon drawing is just such a different way of drawing that in process photos can really help beginners.

Harvest Moon said...

Alyss, I've always meant to do a post like that, but keep forgetting to take enough photos of all the steps (I just get too absorbed with the actual drawing!). Thanks for jogging my memory, I'll try to do it soon.