Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Benito Juarez, chapter 1

We began working with our Mexican Sage story this week. The founder of Enki Education very graciously allowed me to take a sage story that was already in the works, about Benito Juarez, and work it towards completion for inclusion in their collection. I had a lot of fun writing, and having a hand in the process has made bringing it to the boys even more fun than usual.

In the first chapter, we visit Benito as a child, living with his uncle and sister and tending his uncle's sheep. Above is J's story drawing, of Benito tending the sheep. Below is Zoo Boy's drawing of Benito eating his meager supper.

Our story summaries, J's full summary is above, Zoo Boy's shorter, modified summary is below. I messed up and spelled Josefa's (Benito's sister) name with a "ph" by mistake initially, and didn't catch it until I was reviewing their work, so I had them go back and fix it on their pages also.

Someone asked me why I'm not posting my drawings anymore. It's because I'm not drawing anymore -- the boys have transitioned to doing their own work without me needing to work side-by-side with them. (We started that way before the holidays, by the way, so that's not the cause of Zoo Boy's recent reluctance, although I did consider that I might need to sit back down with them to help him along -- we seem to be beyond that issue for the moment, so I'm leaving it alone for now.)


Janis said...

HI -
I followed you to this blog via your other blog which I got to when I googled Kay A. Toomey's SOS eating progrm. We have been doing it for a year and currently taking a break but have enjoyed it very much and are thankful that we can now have food on the table that won't result in a tantrum or vomiting! :)

Have you seen this video? Thought I would share as it was encouraging to me and others who are dealing with the same thing.

Harvest Moon Farm said...

Thanks for the video link, Janis, I'll go check it out while I'm visiting my parents this weekend -- my current computer isn't fast enough to play video (sigh).