Friday, February 11, 2011

Benito Juarez, chapter 3

In chapter 3, Benito finally arrives in Oaxaca, after a harrowing trip on foot that took days and days. After feeling lost in the new city, he locates his sister, and she helps find him a placement. He goes on to learn and grow in Oaxaca living with Friar Antonio, who teaches him to read. Above is J's drawing of Benito seeing his sister for the first time in Oaxaca. Below is the same scene, as imagined by Zoo Boy. (Benito is outside the door and sees Josefa through the window -- he very specifically described the outfits they were wearing to me, and pointed out that Benito's clothes are torn from his journey.)
Now THAT's the effort I'm looking for! That tells me he's grounded and experiencing the story on a deep, integrated level. No worries here!!

Above is J's full chapter summary, below is Zoo Boy's more abbreviated version.

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Alyss said...

AND Zoo Boy's summary looks so much more thoughtfully done today. Good work, Mom, I knew your thoughtful attention to his needs would bring him around in time :)