Friday, February 18, 2011

Benito Juarez, chapter 6

In our final action-packed chapter of the Benito Juarez story, Benito becomes a judge, passes an important law bringing justice for all, marries Margarita Maza, has a bunch of kids with her, is elected President of Mexico, leads his people in a war, sends his family away for their safety, wins the war, helps rebuild the country, and eventually is reunited with his family. Whew! That's a lot for one chapter!

Above is J's depiction of the start of the war -- with soldiers arriving by boat and fighting to take over Mexico. That's Benito on the left, thinking of his early days and realizing that he is going to need to send his "flock" (his family) away for their own safety. Below is Zoo Boy's drawing of Benito in his Presidential office, working on an important paper at his desk. He said that the sombrero on the right hand corner of the desk represents the memory of his childhood.

J's chapter summary above, Zoo Boy's below.

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