Thursday, February 17, 2011

Benito Juarez, chapter 4

In chapter 4 of our Benito Juarez story, Benito enrolls in school and discovers prejudice against the fact that he's a pure-blooded Zapotec Indian. Above is J's drawing of Friar Antonio enrolling Benito with the Principal of the school. (I love the Mexican flag in the background!) Below is Zoo Boy's drawing of Benito in class (he's the boy with the darker skin and the star next to him). I'm really impressed that the boys managed to depict the ethnicity of the characters in their drawings despite it having been handled with such a light touch in the story. They are really pulling out the central part of the story (Benito being of native descent, the others being of Spanish descent, and how Benito eventually goes on to fight for civil rights for all).

J's chapter summary above, Zoo Boy's below.

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