Thursday, February 3, 2011

pedro vs. the giant, one more time

In the last of our series of Pedro stories (much to my kids' disappointment, they'd be happy to listen to Pedro stories for the rest of the winter!), Pedro met yet again with that same Giant he had tricked twice before. (I originally heard all 3 of these stories as one, but I divided them up to bring better emphasis to each trick, and to get more mileage out of the Pedro stories!) This time the Giant insisted on a fist-fight, and Pedro had to do some fast thinking to get rid of the Giant once and for all. Overnight he staged a horrific post-battle scene, knocking down trees, tromping down grass, and scattering blood all over. Then when the Giant arrived for their fight the next morning, Pedro told him that he'd battled with a giant twice his size during the night, and threw him up into the sky. Needless to say, the Giant ran off in fright and from that time on avoided running into Pedro.

Above is J's drawing of Pedro describing the made-up battle to the Giant. Below is Zoo Boy's depiction of the battle scene.

And thus ends our Trickster unit. We'll be moving on to our Mexican Sage next week, Benito Juarez, and after having worked on the 6-chapter story for the past month, I'm very excited to bring it to the boys! (The story was already in development by Enki Education, and the founder very graciously allowed me to work it towards completion so that I can use it with my boys -- it will become a part of the Enki Sage collection once it goes through some final edits and polishing.)

Meanwhile, adding to our recent snow science work, we read a Blizzard story written by a fellow Enki Mom today (part of a Nature Story writing class that I participated in last winter), and we are looking forward to working with that artistically tomorrow.

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