Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pedro and the Giant

We started the week with the story "Pedro and the Giant," in which Pedro runs into a Giant and has to use his quick wits to save his life. Above is J's drawing of the Giant tripping out of the way of falling sandals, which Pedro had taken off his own feet and thrown into the air to convince the Giant that he had fought a man and threw him into the air 3 days earlier, and the sandals were the last thing that fell back to the earth. This convinced the Giant that Pedro was very, very strong (and gave J a case of the giggles, he thought this was the silliest thing he's ever heard). Zoo Boy drew the next scene (below), where the Giant challenges Pedro to a test of strength to see who can punch the largest hole in a tree. (Pedro prepared all night by chipping away a hole in a tree and covering it with bark, then aiming his punch for the patch of bark, making it appear like he punched a hole all the way through the tree.)

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent me private emails about Zoo Boy's recent increased resistance to our schoolwork. I have a post focusing on that topic in the works as I sort through my thoughts and ideas about it. Will take me a couple days to pull all those threads together and make sense of them, but it is definitely what is occupying my thought process these days.

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