Thursday, February 10, 2011

cute photos, random updates

I have a bunch of little updates that didn't really deserve their own posts, so I figured I'd combine them all and throw up some cute pictures from the past couple of days while I'm at it.

I thought it only fair that I start with "Music," since he got left out of my farm updates the other day. Nothing personal, he's just black and black critters don't photograph as well as other colors. (See Kiri's picture at the bottom of the page as further proof.)

Anyway, on to the updates!

J began his Social Coaching group therapy program today. He is paired up with my friend Kyra's son -- they have the advantage of thinking of each other as friends, so we feel like there's already a big step in the right direction there. Seems like everyone had a great time (and I had an absolutely GLORIOUS time catching up with Kyra while they were in group!). And I spent the rest of the afternoon wrestling with the insurance company to get them to cover it. Ugh. This is where I miss our old therapists, who did all the insurance wrangling for me. Oh well, I think it will be worth all the hassle!

(The boys snuggled in, watching a movie -- I grabbed the camera because there had been a cat snuggled in with them, but she jumped off before I could get there. I took the picture anyway, cuz they're cute even without a cat!)

Zoo Boy has his first Speech Therapy session with the new therapist next week (while J and his friend are in their group session). I have my fingers crossed that he'll get along with the therapist, it's not the same person they originally told me it would be. He knows that he's got an out -- we can always take him to the other office (on a different day, obviously) to work with the woman who did his evaluation, whom he really liked. Just hope we don't have to do that, as that will throw a monkey wrench into my schedule. But oh well, we do what we have to do! He reminded me that she said that he only needs "a little" Speech Therapy. I agreed and said if we work really hard on all the homework she gives us, I bet we'll be done by Summer. He was a big disgruntled -- not about working hard, but because he was hoping he could be done before then. I told him the harder we work, the sooner he'll be done, and he seemed to think working hard was a good idea. So hopefully we'll have motivation on our side this time around. That would be a nice change.

(April in "jail" -- she figured out that the fences can't hold her in anymore and was out wandering the neighborhood for the better part of the day today. I finally caught her this afternoon, and now she'll have to stay locked in until the snow melts back significantly. Inconvenient, as she's SUPPOSED to be out protecting the sheep.)

I started a grant-sponsored Nutrition and Weight Management class through our regional health center. I'm pretty happy with it so far -- it's for 6 weeks, and includes a 1-hr private consultation with the Nutritionist that is teaching it, and a "field trip" to a grocery store to put choosing healthy foods into practice. And the price was right (free!). My goal is to find the motivation somewhere to actually cook healthy meals. (And of course, to lose some weight.)

Cheer, official Cutest Collie in the Backyard. (Don't tell Joy I said that!!! Or just tell her she's the Cutest Collie in the House.)

Speaking of weight loss, I've lost 6 lbs so far (since starting my quest to run a 5K). Which is nice, but not as much as I would have liked to have lost by now. However, since I've only upped my exercise, and even that's been limited to walking 4 miles once a week and taking a once a week dance exercise class, because it's just not been possible to walk outside here, I'll take what I can get. I'll be doubling my exercise in the coming weeks though, once J starts swimming at the same facility where we take the sports class (I can go walk on the track while he swims), and once we move his guitar/piano lessons to the same day as therapy, my friend E (his teacher) and I will walk while her eldest son watches the kids. E is also trying to lose 30 lbs, it's nice to have a buddy to compare notes with. (She too has lost 6 lbs, so so far we're right on track with each other.) I'm hoping she'll run the 5K with me in June. (I have several friends I'm hoping will run with me!)

(Grace, speeding along.)

I ran for the first time on Friday. Only 1/4 mile, in 4 separate little spurts (I also walked 4 miles). It felt really good while I was running, but my knee bothered me afterwards (arthritis from a torn meniscus I never had repaired). So I wore a brace to dance exercise on Sunday. And then my hip bothered me after that (bursitis). So it's a process figuring out what I need to do to keep from feeling painful and still get the exercise I need/want. I feel like running a 5k in June is a VERY ambitious goal for me. But things will get easier as I drop more weight. And realistically, I'll be OK with doing more of a walk/run thing if I need to. So I have no doubt I'll make it 5K, just doubt my time will be anything to write home about.


They canceled community access to the school pool we were swimming in on Thursdays, so we'll have to switch to a different pool. The one at the athletic center does a homeschool swim on Wednesdays, so that makes the most sense, although Zoo Boy won't be able to swim (I would need to be in the pool with him because he's still in a float vest, and that is NOT going to happen!). But he can come walk/run with me at the track.

Not sure if I already mentioned this, but J decided to drop the boys' Hip Hop class he planned on taking this semester. After attending the first week, he told me that he feels like he's more of a "ballet and contemporary" sort of guy. Ok by me, better he starts to figure out some of that stuff now!

We were supposed to grow crystals this week for Science Fridays. We didn't. I don't think we'll get in trouble with the teacher, tho, since it's supposed to be me....

We've got icicles in the house again. Bathroom window, and now kitchen window. Guess I'd better stop and pick up some more stockings (we burned through our supply putting calcium chloride sausages up on my in laws' roof) and send The Map Man back up the big ladder out in the back of our house again. You know, after he's done re-constructing an April-proof pen.

The Map Man is a new owner of a Smart Phone, forced upon him by his employers. So if you're trying to call him and he hangs up on you, I'm sure he didn't mean to, he's just trying to figure out how to find the actual PHONE function on the darned thing.

And I think that's it for my bits and pieces of news! No storms on the horizon for the next several days, good news for our barn roof and snow levels in general. Now if we can just get some good melting going on! (AFTER we put ice-melt sausages back up on the roof!)

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