Saturday, October 15, 2011

Abraham and Isaac

Above is J's drawing, of Abraham preparing to kill his only son, Isaac, according to the instruction of Yahweh. Below, Zoo Boy depicts a similar scene, but he included the angel of the Lord coming to stop Abraham from actually doing it. While we were reading the story initially, Zoo Boy interrupted me to ask, "Does Yahweh REALLY want Abraham to kill Issac?" I just told him we'd see and continued reading. He was trying to decide if it was worth getting upset or if he should just wait and see how the story ended.

Above is J's story summary, below is Zoo Boy's slightly shorter one.


Anonymous said...

I have noticed that J's drawing are really starting to show depth (as in shadowing and perspective). Is that an intentional progression, or is that something that is naturally evolving from the type of drawings you do?

Harvest Moon Farm said...

Hm, intersting question! I'm honestly not sure -- it's nothing that I've purposely done, I do not give feedback on drawing technique to my kids, so however J is picking this us, he's doing it on his own. Which makes me believe it's just a natural development from having the opportunity to do so much drawing.

MapMan said...

I expect that he learned shadowing & depth from that Anime drawing book he got from the Library.

Harvest Moon Farm said...

I don't think so. He was already showing a tendency towards this before he saw that book. It might be why that book appeals to him so much, though, he's at the right developmental stage for it. And his manga drawings don't show that same level of perspective as his story drawings are, I don't think.

I'll have to post some of those, now that you mention it -- they're pretty cool in their own right.