Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Havdalah candles and donut auction

During our Ancient Israeli Crafts class this week we made Havdalah candles. Havdalah is the closing bit of Shabbat, and the candles used for the ceremony have at least 3 wicks -- the idea being that 3 wicks burning together produce a stronger light than 3 separate candles burning. We started by dipping 3 different candles in 3 colors of wax.

Then we braided the candles together while they were still warm. They came out really cool!

In the Fun with Fractions class, we held a "donut auction" -- I brought in a dozen donuts, all different kinds, and everyone who wanted each kind got a piece, so we wound up cutting donuts into thirds, quarters, fifths, sevenths, eighths and tenths.

We also explored fractions in terms of liquids, making our own measuring cups out of paper cups, and doling out various fractions of various drinks (water and several kinds of sodas).

Then we did a simple craft, making ocean scenes from foam fish and sea creatures, then identifying what fraction of our scene was lobsters, what fraction was clown fish, etc.

The fractions class has really been super-fun, and we could easily have used up a 2 hour slot rather than just an hour, the kids are just so into it. And it's amazing what a good handle they all seem to be getting on fractions despite the totally playful introduction.

The kids also had Flight class today, where they competed in a flying competition of some sort, but I was busy tending to hot, melting wax, so I didn't even get to see a minute of it, or take any photos.

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