Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jacob's ladder

Above is J's story drawing, of Rebekah discussing with Jacob the plan that he should leave Canaan and seek refuge in Haran with her brother's family. Below is Zoo Boy's depiction of the dream Jacob had while traveling in the desert, of the ladder filled with angels and reaching up to heaven and Yahweh. I am extremely pleased at how much thought and detail Zoo Boy is putting into his drawings as this semester goes on. I'm patting myself on the back with my decision to continue working with the epic in this uninterrupted way rather than breaking out into separate math and science blocks, I feel like it's done Zoo Boy in particular a world of good to keep working with story drawings and full summaries.

Above, J's summary, below Zoo Boy's shortened version. In fact, even J's version needed to be shortened a little, because, for the first time, the boys composed a summary that was longer than they could fit on a single page -- they just insisted on including so many details. Zoo Boy wasn't happy about me shortening J's version as well as his, he thought that at least one of them should be writing the entire thing!

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