Tuesday, October 18, 2011

monday crafts

I had to make an emergency run for clay before my classes began yesterday, so I didn't get any photos of the boys' flight class. But they made cute little helicopters and learned all about the effects of wind on wings.

In Ancient Israeli Crafts, we talked about clay, where it comes from, and how the Ancient Israelis used it for everyday items. We looked at a lot of photos of adobe houses, both modern Egyptian houses and ruins of Ancient Israeli houses, and looked at some drawings and models of Israeli adobe houses as well. Then we talked about how clay was also used to record history, and got the class going with designing and making their own clay relief tablets.

I told the class they could either record a picture from Ancient History, or from their own personal Modern History. As an example, I said that if I was going to make my own clay relief tablet right now, I would depict a woman with a big belly, getting ready to have a baby. (Everyone liked that.)

J chose to make a farmer using a hoe (something from Ancient Israel).

Zoo Boy went the Modern personal history route, and depicted his DS.

After we finished our clay relief tablets, we made clay oil lamps. After these lamps dry (in another week), we'll fill them with Olive Oil and light the wicks.

I forgot to take photos during Fractions class, but we worked a little on equivalents and lowest denominator (without too much explanation, more just manipulation of seasonal candy on a plate), and we read through a fun little fractions play and assigned roles -- we'll present our play to the entire Monday Homeschool community during share day.

Meanwhile, at home, the kids continue to play around with the fraction pictures we did in the last class, continuing to create with wholes, halves, quarters and eighths.

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