Saturday, October 8, 2011

monday classes, week 3

During their Flight class this past Monday, the boys work on building airplane models that demonstrate pitch, yaw, and roll.

Zoo Boy cuts out a glider from a Styrofoam plate.

J sends his glider on a test flight.

In our Ancient Israeli Crafts class, we worked on sewing woven cloth robes.

In Fun with Fractions, we explored a bit of equivalencies with Hershey Bars, the kids discovering that half a Hershey bar equals 6/12, etc. (Hershey Bars are great for playing around with fractions, as they have 12 equal segments.) As one of my students exclaimed "Fractions are delicious!"

We also did a craft project with card stock "pie pieces", creating all sorts of creatures and scenes from wholes, halves, quarters, and eighths. (Below the class shows off their finished projects.)

We have the next week off from Monday classes due to the holiday.

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