Thursday, October 20, 2011

Esau Loses His Birthright

A quick note to other Enki-users. I've split some of the Enki Torah stories into 2 (or more) parts to try to keep the story content to one major theme/issue per story. This is to keep my kids from devising overwhelmingly long summaries that nobody would be happy copying, and since summarizing is one of my big focuses with them, this seemed to make the most sense to me. So when I start using story names you can't find in your curriculum package (like, in tomorrow's post), it's because it's really part of another story in there. You'll also notice that I began the epic at the chronological beginning rather than with Moses, as I also felt that served my kids best. Anyway, on to today's topic:

Above is J's story drawing of Esau asking his brother Jacob for some stew. Jacob eventually bargains with Esau, giving him stew in exchange for his birthright. I love the realistic nomadic tent in the background of this picture! And the adobe brick stove that Jacob is cooking his stew on. Below is Zoo Boy's drawing of Esau eating the stew, and Jacob smiling because he'd tricked Esau out of his birthright. When I finished reading the story, J commented, "Well, that wasn't very smart of Esau!" and Zoo Boy said, "Esau is strong with his body, but Jacob is strong with his brain."

Above is J's story summary, below is Zoo Boy's somewhat shorter one. You can see what I mean about the length of this -- imagine if we'd had to continue by summarizing the second half of the story as well, it would have taken pages to write it all out. Much easier to just read that second part as a separate story, that way none of the important parts are left out.


MM said...

Why is summarizing your focus - is it one of the comprehension skills J struggles with?

Harvest Moon Farm said...

Yes, exactly. :)