Friday, October 21, 2011

Jacob tricks Isaac

Above is J's story drawing, of Rebekah and Jacob scheming to trick Isaac into giving Esau's birthright blessing to Jacob. Below is Zoo Boy's drawing, of Jacob, disguised as Esau, delivering the meal Isaac had asked Esau for. (For Enki-users that might be confused, this story is really the 2nd half of the Enki Torah story "Esau Loses His Birthright".)

Above is J's story summary, below is Zoo Boy's shorter one. When we finished composing our summary, J commented "I wonder if Esau will kill Jacob." Zoo Boy responded, "Nah, I'll bet he has another trick that keeps that from happening."

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Tangerine said...

Your blog is truly inspiring. I am considering Homeschooling my son next year. :-)