Tuesday, February 23, 2010

and now for something completely different

Interesting sledding conditions.

(Don't you worry, those kids'll have plenty to sled on again in another minute or two, it's snowing gangbusters out there....)

Did you know that glass marbles were first made in Italy??

(What did we ever do before Google???)

The Map Man working from home during the last "big snow storm". (Which amounted to about 2 inches, I think. Stupid Weathermen.)

(I just thought his co-workers ought to know what that looks like -- although he claims it's pretty much just like being in his office, which has me wondering about his perks....)

Zoo Boy and friend in a 1700s school room. Watching a DVD on a portable player. Very historically accurate, don't you think??

(They were waiting for their siblings to get out of a REALLY cool program at the Noah Webster House.)

A spider teaches a Native American woman how to weave.

(There was a loom at the historical program he was at today and it reminded him of a story we read last year, or maybe the year before. So he drew it.)


(I have to admit, after seeing this, I'm kind of glad we've got 'em.)

An eyeball.

But, wait! That's not the oddest thing you're going to see here.

This is.

(He claims this is comfortable. Is it any wonder his dance teachers were happy to get him involved with their school?)

We now return you to our previously scheduled program....

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Numeric MaMa said...

I love this! We were just talking about bones and no bones the other day!