Friday, February 5, 2010

the wolf and the stork

I let the kids do free-drawings for this story, and both chose to work with the same scene, in which the wolf is choking on the bone as the stork happens to be flying by. J's drawing above (I particularly like how the wolf is writhing in pain on the ground), Zoo Boy's below. It surprised me that they would find this scene to be the most important, although it does set up the rest of the story.

Of course, the rest of the story is that the stork stuck it's head down the wolf's throat to pull out the bone, and then asked for a reward. The wolf told the stork it had reward enough because he hadn't bitten off her head after she stuck it down his throat. Not a very nice story, to be sure, and I don't think the kids "got it". (Honestly, neither did I, but there you have it!) My picture below. (Why do my storks look like over-sized hummingbirds, while the kids' look like, well, storks....?)

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