Saturday, February 20, 2010

St Francis, chapter 4

We read the final chapter in our St. Francis story on Thursday, recalled and drew our story pictures on Friday, and wrote our our summaries today. Here's J's drawing of Francis praying in the cave.

J's summary. The outrageous thing about this is that, halfway through, he suddenly sprung up from the table and began vomiting. But after he finished being sick, he immediately returned to the table to finish his work. I assured him that it could wait until another time, but he insisted that he felt much better and wanted to finish what he started. That's quite a work ethic! (He's fine now, by the way, it was just "one of those things" apparently!)

Zoo Boy's drawing, of Francis getting a quilt from his house to bring to the lepers. He wants to make it clear that thoes are not horns on Francis's head, but rather a table he is standing in front of.

Zoo Boy's simplified summary. Not only is his writing getting clearer/more readable, he's also taking much less time to write a sentence.

My drawing, of Francis washing the first leper he came across by the river.

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