Thursday, February 18, 2010

St Francis, chapter 3

J's drawing from the 3rd chapter of our St. Francis story, depicting the feast celebrating Francis' arrival home after being held as a prisoner of war. I'm finding it extremely interesting to see the parts of the story the kids are choosing to draw. Not surprisingly, J is choosing the happiest parts of the story. Different parts of the story are more appealing to Zoo Boy.

J's version of our chapter summary. This is a LOT of writing, and was not all accomplished in one sitting -- we broke it up into three writing sessions over the course of two days, and he wrote one paragraph at a time. We fortunately had the extra day this week (no Monday classes due to the holiday), so it was no problem, because the kids wouldn't hear of a shorter summary, they wanted to make sure all the important points were covered.

Zoo Boy's chapter drawing, of Francis being held prisoner in the dungeon. He really liked that there was dungeon in the story. Like I said, different things appeal to him than appeal to J!

Zoo Boy's writing -- he wrote one sentence (a much briefer summary of each paragraph on the main summary) each writing session. For him, this is a whole bunch of writing.

My chapter drawing, of Francis giving all of his coins to the beggar.


Alyss said...

Your block crayon drawings are inspiring! They look great :)

softearthart said...

Hi, You might like to have a look at my wool picture of Saint Francis, and show it to your lads, cheers from New Zealand. Marie