Thursday, February 18, 2010

white out

Ok, I was waiting to post until I had a link to send you to:

Is Shaun White not the most OUTRAGEOUS thing ever?!?!?!

If you missed his gold-medal run (and his follow-up "just for fun" run, in which he outscored himself!), you can watch by clicking here. (It's safe, it's the NBC official site.)

Is everyone else losing a LOT of sleep watching people strap boards to their feet and throw themselves down mountains????


Alyss said...

Oh lord yes... I've been up past midnight every night this week. I really, really enjoyed the pairs figure skating, and the snowboard cross. You should check out the French pair skating team's long program on Their long program was better than the gold medal winners, in my "expert" opinion (though Shen and Zhao's short program had me applauding afterwards... I don't applaud at the TV :)

I have such fond memories of watching winter olympics on TV as a kid. Not so much the summer games, though.. maybe there's just less TV time in August than there is in February :) I hope your guys are enjoying it as much as I did.

Alyss said...

Oh.. the french figure skaters are Yannis Bonheur and Vanessa James, they're wearing blue and you can find it by searching event and nationality on the website :)