Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My creatively gifted friend Kyra, organizer of outrageous birthday parties, outdid herself yet again this past weekend by throwing an amazing dark ages birthday party for her son, Fluffy. As luck would have it, we were on the guest list, so my bubbaloos got to dress up in personalized capes and run around with swords while genius gamer Thomas directed them in various games involving knights and kings and emperors and ninjas and, of course, lots and lots of swordplay.

I thanked Kyra for jiving so nicely with the themes of my current schooling block, as we are delving into knights and quests. (Very considerate, don't you think??) This is one of MANY coincidences that are working out nicely for our Western European block!

J, here either being knighted or behead by the birthday boy (it looks pretty much the same, you know?), just loved the role-playing aspect of the games, and was soon "in character", dashing here and there, brandishing his sword and shouting "halt!" or "en guarde" or "arm yourself!"

Zoo Boy (lower right corner), on the other hand, just like whacking everyone with swords.

The seriously over-the-top castle cake made by, you guessed it, Kyra. (Is it not enough that she's a talented writer, singer, actress, and the funnest person on the planet?? Does she have to be good at EVERYTHING?!? It's a good thing I love her, otherwise I'd have to pull all her hair out....)

The world's best party favors -- the personalized capes Kyra made (YES SHE DID...I'm telling you....), which the boys have been wearing nearly non-stop ever since.

And now I have the daunting task of planning Zoo Boy's birthday party, to take place exactly one month after Fluffy's, trying to come up with something that my birthday boy won't consider a totally boring flop in comparison.... Trust me, I tried hiring Kyra! But she stubbornly refuses to go public.

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thank you a MILLION BILLION for coming and making the party so fun! I LOVE YOU!!!! have i told you lately? i must tell you EVERY DAY!!!