Wednesday, February 10, 2010

poem painting

We used this week's poem (see the 'trees are bare' post a couple posts back) as our inspiration for this week's painting. I made up a story about little yellow that skipped here and there, through meadows and across fields, up hills and between trees, etc, as we filled our paper with yellow. I said that as she skipped here and there, she recited a poem that her mother had told her, and then I switched us to blue paint as I recited the poem. As I started reciting, I drew lines of blue on my paper, and when I got to the "chickadee, chickadee" part, I dabbed my brush on the paper with each "dee". We repeated "dee dee dee" for awhile until we'd dabbed on as much as we wanted. I'd say it was pretty successful for my first off-the-cuff painting story (although I had a LOT of help from that poem!). Above is J's painting, below is Zoo Boy's.

Interestingly, although I hadn't mentioned any particular form for this painting or labeled it in any way other than reading the poem, J said, as he finished up his painting, "How do you like my forest, Mommy?" Below is my painting -- sort of looks like pussy willows, don't you think? And just as a side note, the yellow is no where near as washed out in real life as these photos are showing -- it's a dark, stormy day and I needed my flash to take the photos, which washed out the yellow quite a bit.

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