Sunday, February 7, 2010


Our first foray into the Italian arts has been with mosaics. Both boys have magnetic mosaic sets -- J's pieces are very small and without patterns to follow, Zoo Boy's are chunkier and have a pattern to assist in creating actual pictures. This first picture is of a mosaic J made of an eye, his inspiration was a picture of a mosaic of this subject.

He's also experimented with creating mosaic patterns.

Zoo Boy's work is a bit more laborious, but he's enjoying his attempts at this art form as well.

J created this mosaic cardinal from a picture on the cover of one of their books.

He also has been creating Pokemon and pretty much anything else he can find pictures of. I have to be quick with the camera, though, because no sooner is he done creating something than he wipes his board clean of tiles and starts over again.

I have an authentic tile mosaic project planned for the coming week, so these mosaic sets have served as a nice introduction to the real McCoy.

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