Thursday, February 11, 2010

St Francis, chapter 1

We started our Sage Block the beginning of this week. The story we're reading is of the life of St. Francis of Assisi from the Enki Education Grade 2 Tricksters and Sages collection. The first chapter was about Francis as a mischievous child. I decided to let the kids free-draw all of their sage stories, as I don't want to be dictating what they should be taking from these stories. J drew Francis day-dreaming about being a knight while ignoring his schoolwork.

When we recalled the chapter yesterday (the day after reading it), we created a summary which I wrote up on a pad of newsprint. Today J wrote out that summary, copying from the large version.

Zoo Boy's drawing, of Francis dumping a bottle of his father's red wine in the streets to see "the streets flow with wine."

Although Zoo Boy was an equal contributor in the summary we created, he's not capable of writing out an entire paragraph yet. So I created a shorter summary for him to write out. Even this made him a little nervous until he got going with it. He's very comfortable with our handwriting practice (working on lower case letters with the alphabet 8s as support), but he's not yet comfortable with writing out sentences on his own.

My story drawing, of a neighbor getting vengeance on Francis and his friends, who had been knocking on doors in the night and running away to hide. This neighbor tricked them by keeping his lamp dark and dumping buckets of water on them from an overhead window when they knocked on his door.

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