Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autumn Equinox

We had our little celebration of the Autumn Equinox last night, with a fire and the reading of the poem "Duchess Autumn" from the Enki Education Kindergarten Nature Stories collection. This has been our tradition for the past three years, and the kids (Zoo Boy in particular) were excited to repeat it. It was beautiful early Autumn weather, and we lit our fire at dusk and enjoyed the evening together.

Did you ever notice that the colors of a fire are the same colors as the Autumn leaves? That struck me as somehow significant last night.

When we read "Duchess Autumn" last year, we did a led drawing from the story the following day. Since I didn't want to simply repeat ourselves, we gathered leaves on our morning walk this morning, and used them to create a colorful background to write the repeating verse from the poem on. (See J's verse above and Zoo Boy's below.) I also made some leaf rubbings of a large Sugar Maple leaf with light autumn colors and cut them out so that I can write our weekly poems on them and hang them where the kids (and I) can enjoy them throughout the fall. I'll share the poems here on the blog with seasonally appropriate photos, too, as we go along.

Zoo Boy's leaf rubbings and verse. I had him write the first two words of this verse (which met with a bit of resistance in the form of silliness, but he did ultimately do it). Also, when he got to the "n" in "soon" I said "Let me show you an 'N'." As I wrote it on another piece of paper, he objected, saying he already knows how to make an "N". But without anymore input from me, he saw my "N" and claimed "Oh, I thought it went the other way!" and wrote a correct "N".

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