Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wokwotoonok, the Wind Giant

Our story for the second half of the week was "Wokwotoonok, the Wind Giant", an Algonquin Fairy Tale adapted by Enki Education for their first grade fairy tale collection. Another of my all-time favorite stories, this one was a perfect fit for the start of Autumn, since it involves the North Wind and the Frost teaming up to cause leaves to change color, and gives a magical reason as to why the evergreens stay green.

Zoo Boy's drawing (J's is above) -- he wanted to make sure to include Keskum the Frost Giant as well as Wokwotoonok in his drawing.

Zoo Boy's verse (J's is above) -- he was playing around with the smaller writing again, although he's still using all capital letters. The Map Man actually did the verse writing with the kids for this story (good work, my Man!), so that's his handwriting filling in the rest of the words beyond The Boy's first words on each line.

My story drawing, for comparison.

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