Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Ghost Pipe

The first part of this week we have worked with the Native American Fairy Tale "The Ghost Pipe", from the Enki Education 1st Grade Fairy Tale collection. It's one of my favorite stories that we've used to date, about true love that persists after death, and also a wonderful introduction to the Plains Indian's belief system. J was SO proud of this drawing, depicting the warrior in the Painted Lodge, summoning the Ghost Chief by smoking the pipe.

Zoo Boy's drawing. He was also proud of his work, especially his clever writing of the title. This is the first time I've seen him make an effort to adjust the size of his writing to fit the space provided. I didn't realize he could write that small (and I suspect he didn't realize that either, so it was a big discovery for him!).

Zoo Boy's verse. He's again playing around with writing smaller (the last letter of each word). Still getting his N's backwards, although he realized he wrote a "W" instead of an "M" and fixed it. J's work (at the top of the post) was full of mistakes, but he corrected most of them without any prompting from me. (And by using proofreading symbols -- I still have no idea where he learned that....)

My drawing, for comparison.

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