Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Water of Life

The second half of our week was spent working with the story "The Water of Life", another Western European fairy tale from the Enki Education 1st Grade fairy tale collection. This is J's drawing (his writing is above). We used gesture drawing for our story drawing this time -- the gesture we were focusing on was the wave motion. Our drawing was of the prince sailing across the sea to find the water of life to bring to his ailing father.

Zoo Boy's drawing. He wanted to use more colors than J and I did. He ran out of room writing his title and asked me to finish it for him, since he wanted it all on one line. Eventually he'll figure out how to plan where he starts his writing to fit into the space that's provided.

The Boy's writing -- he was a little alarmed at the prospect of writing such a long word as "wandering", but he persevered. I've noticed that he's reversing his Ns this week, so we'll be working on that at some point. For right now I'm just letting him write and get comfortable with doing it (he was a little nervous in general today about the writing, so I didn't make a peep about it).

My drawing for comparison.

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