Sunday, September 20, 2009

fall sports

The homeschool fall sports program began on Friday afternoon. What a gorgeous day we had for it! It's being held through the YMCA at a sports field in a nearby town. J is in the 7-10 year old class, and soccer is the first topic they are taking up for this session.

Zoo-Boy, who prefers to be a sports fan rather than a sports player, hung out with Justin while J and Russell were in class and while Lori and I visited with each other and other homeschooling Moms and families.

I'm afraid a lot of my photos from this session are going to look like this -- we're just not sitting very close to where the action is, and I'm sure you can guess from my photos, I don't use a camera with a very strong zoom (it's just a little bitty pocket Fuji). But even at a distance I could tell how much everyone was enjoying themselves!

The kids loved the class, but my favorite part was afterwards, when the kids all got together to play some made-up adventure game where they were the crew of a ship that sailed to Mars to capture dragons. Each kid had a role to play, and they had a blast running around enjoying the open field and the beautiful weather. None of them were too pleased with us adults when we eventually decided to pack it in and call it a day. From now on I'll keep the remainder of our Friday afternoons open to accommodate as much play as the kids can muster. It's a great group of families, and the kids of all ages get along really well.

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