Tuesday, September 8, 2009

wrapping up summer, part 2

I apologize for trying to catch up all at once like this. My bad. But I promise, this is the last post tonight -- look two posts down for part one of this, and one post down for big news.

The Map Man entertained the boys while I was busy with critters last week. Here they are on one of their adventures in the wilderness (or as close as we get to wilderness here in CT -- seriously, there are still some really nice wild places here).

J, taking a break for some refreshment.

Zoo Boy, enjoying snack on a scenic look-out.

The boys ventured out into the pasture after dark (and apparently after their bedtime) to get a good look at the convergence of Jupiter and the Full Corn Moon.

Bike riding in a local scenic cemetery.

J pitching our tent for a family camp out at his uncle's house over the holiday weekend. (The Man took the boys while I was still busy, busy, busy.)

Zoo Boy finishes up, with J's supervision.

Kids (and dogs) in a tent. What could possibly be more fun?

Back at home, Zoo Boy showed The Man how to play "Hyper Jump" his way -- "ninja style".

And that's a wrap on summer. Tomorrow (or some day soon) I'll entertain you with tales from our first day not-back-to-school!

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