Friday, September 25, 2009

The Golden Feather

Our story for the first half of the week was "The Golden Feather", an Israeli Fairy Tale from the Enki Education 1st Grade fairy tale collection. J (left) and I (below) decided to draw the hero of the story determining the difference between the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death by looking for their reflections in the feather.

Zoo Boy chose to draw the golden feather lying beneath the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death. He also had the two trees sharing a cluster of leaves and apples, he mentioned this to me as though it were significant to him. He's taking a lot more time with his drawings in general the past week or two, adding details that are important to him rather than just drawing what he thinks is the bare minimum that he can get away with.

And his writing has come SUCH a long way! I reduced the size of his "forest paths" for the first time today (to reflect his smaller writing lately). Combined with the fact that the verse was a couple lines longer than what he'd been accustomed to writing, I thought for sure I'd run into some resistance, but there was none, he readily wrote out the first two words from each line.

My drawing, for comparison.


MM said...

I noticed you've made a change in J's writing paper too - adding a margin on the left. Is this a step toward notebook paper?

Harvest Mom said...

Oh, there's been margins on both sides since the get-go, I just edit them out most of the time. (Guess I was lazy this time!!) The next step for J (starting a week or two from now) is to have guidelines under his page so that he can see them but his writing will wind up with no visible lines. (Stay tuned... LOL) The ultimate goal being that he can write in straight lines on an unlined piece of paper. As for notebook paper, he's probably capable of writing legibly with it now, the wider-ruled stuff at least. But I like the stability of the bigger pads of drawing paper (and the quality fo the paper), so I don't plan on moving him to notebook paper anytime soon.