Wednesday, September 23, 2009

best day ever!

Yesterday afternoon we met my friend Tr and her kids, Q and O, at THE WORLD'S BEST PLACE TO HIKE WITH KIDS AND DOGS. No, I'm not telling you where it is (Christine, I'm sure you can guess!), because we want it all to ourselves!! (Well, us and the folks that already know about it, mostly owners of Labs and other hunting type dogs -- in fact, I used to frequent this place myself for Hunt Tests when I owned sporting dogs.) Thanks to Tr for taking and sharing the photos, because dopey ol' me left my camera in the car. (D'oh!)

Above, the boys doing their best to hold still for a minute (with one of Tr's doggies, Lola, in the background, waiting for someone to throw something for her).

Water, sand, fields, trails, this place has everything a boy (or dog!) could want!

Below: superheroes Zoo Boy and O on the trails.

We're going again. Soon. We loved it!!!

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