Saturday, November 12, 2011

"go ahead, make my day!"

It's been awhile since I had a caption contest on the blog, and this morning the perfect opportunity presented itself as our Labrador, Kiri, tried to eat her breakfast bone in peace.

Go ahead and suggest a caption (by leaving a comment) for this photo:

Winner gets absolutely nothing but a good chuckle from the other readers of the blog. :) I'll give you a few days to respond, then will update the heading on this post to reflect the winning caption. Have fun!

***UPDATE****, and the winner is Diane from Black Birch Farm! (Her actual caption suggestion was "Come on you walking feather pillow --MAKE MY DAY!") See the comments section for all of the suggested captions for this photo. I thought Diane's was the most appropriate because that bone is the ONLY thing keeping Kiri from making lunch out of that chicken.

Thanks to everyone who played, I thought the captions were all fun! My idea was "Proof that Labradors prefer venison to chicken."


Us said...

Dad says, "Peck on somebody else" or "Hen's best friend"

I say, "groan, go get your own bone" or "quit pickin, chicken"

Diane Menard said...


kristi said...

Excuse me.... that looks good, care to share??

Diane Menard said...

Come on you walking feather pillow --MAKE MY DAY!