Friday, November 25, 2011


Above, J as Fritz, between the two Claras. (Our Nutcracker performances have two casts, but J is double-cast in both. In fact, he's double-double cast, since not only does he play Fritz, but he also appears in the 2nd act as a Russian dancer.)

J has been performing in mini-performances across the state at various libraries, schools, and churches, as a promotional activity for the ballet school. These photos were all taken at the first performance of the series, at the Somers Public Library, in Somers, CT.

Above J, the Claras, and the ballerina dolls await the start of the performance.

Below, "Fritz" and two of the party boys perform their "boy dance".

Above, J (Fritz) dances with Clara.

Below, the cast for the mini-performances. Of course, the cast for the real, full-length performances is much, much larger (like over 250 cast members).

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