Wednesday, November 16, 2011

fraction sundaes

We wrapped up our Fun with Fractions class last Monday by creating "fraction sundaes". We started by creating them on paper. The kids had 3 flavors of ice cream to choose from, so decided how many thirds of each to use. They did the same for halves of sauce, and quarters of toppings.

Then they brought their fraction recipes up to the serving tables and created their sundaes for real.

They used self-created measuring cups to measure out their toppings in quarters.

My faithful assistant, Ariel, doled out the halves of syrup. (I figured after all of her hard work for me this semester, Ariel deserved her own photo on the blog ;)

Then the kids ate their creations. YUM! Fractions are delicious!!

I'm blown away by what a great grasp of basic fractions the kids have after such a playful approach. I'm planning on a follow-up class in the spring, where we can play with adding and subtracting fractions, lowest common denominator, decimal fractions, and other more complex concepts now that everyone has such a good understand of what a fraction is. My boys have already started playing around with those concepts on their own naturally, I have no doubt the same holds true for the other kids in the class, and many of them have expressed enthusiasm at continuing our fraction studies in the future.

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