Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moses in the bulrushes

Now we're into my favorite part of the whole Torah epic -- the stories about Moses. The Enki materials actually have you start with Moses, then sort of revisit the stories again at this point, but I chose to hold off. I'm honestly glad I did, I think the story has flowed best for us from the beginning. Above is J's drawing of Pharaoh's daughter and handmaids finding Moses in the river. Below is Zoo Boy's drawing of Moses' mother bringing his basket (with him in it, you just can't see him) to the river to leave him. He made sure to point out the tear she was crying as she left her son. I love how the kids' own perspectives come out in their drawings.

J's story summary above, Zoo Boy's below. Zoo Boy has really started making some astute observations about the stories during recall. For instance, when recalling this story, he said "I've been wondering, why did Pharaoh order all the male children killed? Wouldn't it have made more sense to keep the males as slaves? They'd be stronger for moving the big bricks, and the women are the ones having the babies, if you wanted less babies there should be less women." Great question. And more proof of how male-centric these stories are, which Zoo Boy has definitely picked up on, and it clearly bothers him.

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MM said...

Wow, that is a great question of Zoo Boy's! Perhaps the Pharoah wasn't aiming at fewer babies but at fewer warriors. And maybe he wasn't thinking more than one generation into the future.