Sunday, November 20, 2011

science fridays, a lot of catching up

I've missed posting about at least 3 chemistry lab sessions (possibly more), partly because I'm just so far behind on the blog, and mostly because I can't seem to remember to take photos! We just get so involved with running the experiments, it's not until everything is all over and we're all cleaned up that I even remember I was going to take photos! Very frustrating for me, the person who likes to document everything!

In any case, we've been exploring atoms - how they move in response to various temperatures (they move faster when they are warmer), and if they are small enough to smell through balloons (they are!). We also explored the various ways scientists test substances -- through physical observation and through chemical reactions. The kids are learning to form and test hypotheses, and are learning some common scientific terms (like the parts of an atom).

I really like the curriculum we are using (Pandia Press's R.E.A.L. Science Oddessy Chemistry) -- I like the discovery learning it promotes, and the activities and labs really capture the kids' sense of exploration, they seem to just love it. One of the other moms is less impressed, she wanted more hard-core science, I think, but for the majority of our kids, I think this is just the right balance of hands-on discovery and active output.

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