Sunday, November 20, 2011

sibling class

The boys attended a "new siblings" class at the hospital where we will be delivering our little Rosebud. They took a tour of the maternity ward, got to see an actual newborn baby, learned about the "magic bell" that is rung whenever a baby is born, and got some first-hand instruction and practice on dolls in diapering and swaddling. Zoo Boy took a more passive approach, preferring to watch rather than participate (although he said he really liked the class), while J enthusiastically jumped right in. He told me that he wants to help with diapering Rosebud, but that he'll let me take the dirty diaper off and clean her up first, then he'll put the new one on. Both boys are really psyched to get this baby here! J in particular can't wait to have a real baby to cuddle with.

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