Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joseph's family in Egypt

For the last of our Joseph stories, both boys decided to draw the moment that Joseph's little brother, Benjamin, was caught with the silver cup that Joseph had his guards hide in his grain bag. Above, in J's drawing, he depicts Joseph confronting his brothers -- I love the look of shock on their faces. Below is Zoo Boy's drawing, of one of Joseph's guard stopping Benjamin (that's a donkey he's riding, in case you were wondering).

Above is J's story summary, below is Zoo Boy's. Someone asked me about the sudden improvement in Zoo Boy's handwriting -- he recently switched from using the Lyra Giant pencils to using thin Prismacolor pencils for his writing. It seems to have made a huge difference -- not only is his pencil grip better, but they lay down a bolder line and he's happier with the result, which makes him less resistant about writing. Of course, they are all kinds of expensive, and difficult to sharpen (the tip likes to break off), but I think it's been worth the added expense. You can imagine what might be filling his stocking this year.

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