Monday, November 7, 2011

let there be light!

Yes, the power is back on! As of sometime this afternoon. And we moved back home this evening. Our water is brown (ewww...) and the heat is having trouble getting back into the "livable" range, but the lights are on and there's new fresh groceries in the fridge. Life is GOOD!!

I will have much catching up to do in the coming days -- communal living and radical unschooling for the past 10 days has had an impact on my homeschooling philosophy! So, in that light, the unschooling will continue for the rest of the week while I catch up on the rest of my life. But I'll have plenty (PLENTY!) to post about, so I'll be around. At last!

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Stacey said...

welcome back! glad to hear you are all safe and well and hopefully warm now. looking forward to reading your unschooling thoughts- we have lots of unschooly things happening in our house too. a fussy toddler will bring about such seasons. be warned... :)